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Stunts aka 4D Sports Driving (1990)

Posted By: Krysti on Oct 11, 2013

Stunts is a PC driving/racing game developed by Distinctive Software and was published in 1990 by Broderbund and by Mindscape in 1991 renaming it 4D Sports Driving for their 4D sports series. Stunts was later ported to other systems such as the Amiga.

You have an array of selections for cars ranging from a basic car, sports car or an indy car and you can pick either automatic or manual (stick shift) transmission as well as color. In racing mode you can challenge a CPU player and quite simply you attempt to finish the course before the CPU player without crashing. You may also race around solo challenging the clock, finishing the track without crashing. Crashing ends the game and is signified by a smashed windshield.

The game offered a great 3D perspective and gets it's "Stunts" rights by the obstacles of jumps, loops and cut and maneuver techniques a long the way. With 4 variations of the camera angle you can get a great perspective of the drive path of the car. Other unique features include playback, where you can review your last ride and perhaps see how crazy your last crash was as well as a "make-your-own" track feature for the most insane stunts.

No doubt Stunts offered an early view into the world of 3D racing and offered an array of fun by making the game dynamic in design and function setting it apart from other early racers where you basically run around on tracks only. Stunts had an "open world" in a way where your only restrictions of driving were through obstacles and the maximum limits of the world. You could experiment with interesting crashes, play them back, and design even more elaborate designs for the best stunts and crashes seen in racing games at this time.


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