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Monster Bash - Apogee - 1993

Posted By: Krysti on Sep 20, 2013

Monster Bash an Apogee game, released in 1993 featured Johnny Dash in a more gruesome setting (although not necessarily inappropriate for younger players) than usual Apogee games. Johnny goes through his secret closet to the underworld realm of Count Chuck when his dog Tex is kidnapped. A friendly monster (under his bed) tips off Johnny to what's happening and arms him with a slingshot and endless rocks to fling. Count Chuck's plans are to turn all pets into undead creatures for his army and Johnny Dash must stop him with slingshot in hand. Featuring multi-directional shooting with various projectiles, broom flying, puzzles and graphically horror based scenarios Dash must stop Count Chuck before he turns his dog into a monster. 

This is Apogee's first heavy hitting release with graphical dedication, bosses, levels and animation. The game is true to Apogee's signature in reliability to the DOS gaming world and will offer numerous challenges that must be figured out to surpass each level. Any player warmed up to the Apogee line of games will feel comfortable controlling Johnny and navigating the levels however is really easy to pick up for a first timer. A joystick is supported also.

The first of three parts is available via shareware available HERE directly from their website. The game has 10 levels in the first part and 9 in the following 2 parts giving the game an array of challenges through 28 levels. Monster Bash offers 3 difficulty levels changing the life bar meter's max hit allowance (9, 6 & 3). If you intend on beating Count Chuck you must play through all 3 episodes to carryout the final ending. 


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