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The NeverEnding Story - 1984

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 13, 2013

A film based on the book into a fantasy based for the child's imagination, Bastian Bux an imaginative kid with a passion for reading. In a typical fashion the boy "book nerd" is bullied and picked on. One day when running from his bullies he runs into bookstore and finds a book he questions the bookstore owner about. He tells him it's not a safe book which perks the interest of young Bastion and he steals the book running out of the store. The story owner seems delighted somehow by this. When at school he decides to hide out in the attic and begin reading The NeverEnding Story. Soon the story unravels as a fantasy world that actually involves the boy and the fate of Fantasia.

It has great rewatchability for any age, it's still fun and a great story. Although the author of the book was unhappy with the film and refused to have his name on the forefront of the credits, only to be seen at the end of the movie it doesn't change how children everywhere will not forget it as one of the best kid friendly fantasy films of the time. It had a dark nature but featured much heroics and morality that would get most young minds  behind the good guy. If you're unsure about parallels between the book and the movie, by all means read it as the movie actually ended around the middle of the book.


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