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Scorched Earth - DOS - 1991

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 10, 2013

Scorched Earth is a turn based tank trajectory/strategy game. You can fight against up to 9 friends, or the computer AI. The computer AI basically goes from dumb to brilliant as far as their skill at shooting you. You can pretty much select as many rounds as you could humanly digest from this game. There is a large array of defense items and weaponry, even gas to move your tank. I'd personally name the parachutes, shields, and auto defense system as your essentials for defending yourself in this game. Common missiles are nice weapons as you don't wanna rely on heavy bombs all the time because you'll likely run into a problem with them hitting you as well. Heavy Rollers are also great. For good fun I'd recommend rubber or spring walls, large arms and economics on greedy. Winner has the most money, not the most kills or the most rounds won. So it's essential if you're looking for a win based on player statistic that you are not spending your whole bank every round. Enable "Computer Buy" for AI to participate in purchasing arms and defense. It'll make the rounds longer but more fun as they can at times purchase some of the dumbest weapons that end up wiping the screen out completely.


Download Scorched Earth (Shareware)


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