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Legends of the Hidden Temple - 1993

Posted By: Krysti on Jul 08, 2013

Legends of the Hidden Temple was a Nickelodeon game show for kids, it was put off air in 1995 but was in reruns for years on Nick GAS. Basically six teams go through a trial involving the moat and use something to cross it, be it a raft, rope or something to balance on. The first four winners of the moat event go on to the story and quiz portion of the game at the temple's steps of knowledge. The teammates must work together to hit the buzzer in the floor symbolically labeled on the floor. Sometimes kids wouldn't stop properly and lose out. However prior to the quiz the kids had to pay attention to a story told by an Olmec Head who knows all the lore of the temple. Once two kids may it to the bottom of the steps of knowledge they go on to the challenge rounds. The challenge rounds have various tests of agility, strength and speed for the kids to endure and winners are awarded half pendents called "The Pendent of Life" for the first 2 rounds and a whole pendent the final round.


After a winner of the Temple Games is determined they tackle the Temple Run which allows them to run through the legendary temple obstacle course. Inside they had to try to retrieve an item in which the story was based on. On the way they could obtain an additional half Pendent of Life, or encounter the Temple Guards. When encountering a Temple Guard you had to give up your Pendent of Life, if you had any. If you were no longer in possession of full pendents, your other teammate goes on from the beginning or and if already caught by Temple Guards, you lose. Make it through the temple before time expires, you win the prize and the game.



Here are some full episodes to enjoy, click main article on the site for video. :)


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